Self Help

So a word on self help you can pick your poison for wanting it, but the world needs a little help sometimes.

Many people have said it better then I care to do so I will share. So FIRST watch this:

Now that you know what the just of it a pretty good goal is to not be shitty and tell the truth it's surprisingly hard sometimes but usually its the least you can do. If you take on too much just ask how much am I willing and able to take on. Its your life and you only live once if you are motivated by such things think of all the things that had to align to make you who you are today it would be a bloody waste to squander it.

Now watch this:

And now to prove what a man can do watch this.

14 Peaks Netflix - If a man can climb the 14 tallest mountains all over 8000m in 6 months and 6 days starting from nothing but a family and belief in ones self then you can achieve your goal.

Pro tip on getting started:

The above is in a scene a guide to just move forward into a meaningful life. As you start to implement them you will see your life moving towards inner peace. To glimpse at where you may end up, and what it means to escape suffering watch the fallowing.

Live in the moment, and you will not regret it. Goals are a part of the human condition and elevate that empty feeling of stagnation but there is no true escape until you realize this is life and accept it as the mess of interconnections it is and see the beauty in it. You dont need to find your place you are already there and have always been there, your place is within you.

I haven't tried this yet but have heard good things

"YOLO" - 12 year old me.